graphIT Ltd. provides trainings about the Siemens Quality Management solutions on different levels from beginner to professional.

  • Variation Analysis Training
  • NX CMM Training
  • Dimensional Planning and Validation Training

Variation Analysis CMM Inspection Programming Dimensional Planning and Validation CAPA


Data collection and management

Manufacturing products that conform to quality requirements involves a significant investment in inspection and measurement processes, technology and equipment. Whether you are a single-plant supplier or a large multi-national OEM, you must efficiently leverage these investments to quickly ramp-up to volume production, spot trends and rapidly arrive at root-cause when non-conformances occur.
Dimensional Planning and Validation (DPV) is a closed-loop system for the real-time collection of measured quality data which automates data collection, organization and reporting so that your quality teams spend more time improving dimensional quality while reducing scrap, rework and production losses.

Dimensional Planning and Validation

CMM Post-processor

NX CMM Implementation

After analyzing your needs, our colleges prepare quotation for a customized solution to make your CMM measurements more efficient. graphIT Ltd. creates the CAD model, the kinematic model and the post processor to fit perfectly to your machine. It is possible to create or customize the 3D model or post-processor for all kinds of coordinate measurement machines to create the most efficient inspection plans and simulate them in a comfortable 3D environment without effecting on-going production. The quotation can contain full service from the customization to training and on-site installation.

CMM Inspection Programming