CMM Inspection Execution – One solution for all

2017. January 24. Categories: CMM

CMM Inspection Execution is a great and simple tool to execute DMIS programs on any CMM controller, it can be Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Wenzel, Renishaw, the solution just works the same with all brands, who have I++ protocol. CMM IE is simplifying your inspection program execution on company level, giving a coherent and simple user interface, also using one mathematical algorithm, what means no difference between the measurements on different brand inspection machines.

The user interface and also the reporting can be customized, what means you can have your own inspection execution and reporting environment suited the best for the company needs.


Variation Analysis – Tolerance Zone Shift

2014. August 26. Categories: Variation Analysis

Variation Analysis is a great tool to optimize your tolerances and dimensions. There are many type of tolerances from which you can construct a feature control frame: Tolerance zone shift is now available in Variation Analysis, however the application of this type of tolerance modification requires attention.
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DMIS 5.2 Compatibility with Calypso 5.6

2014. August 26.

Siemens made big effort to make the DMIS standard output and the Zeiss Calypso software compatible. The latest results of this cooperation is a straightforward workflow to run inspection plans on Zeiss machines, created in NX CMM, even the structure of the DMIS and the Calypso format are very different.

NX CMM – MCOSMOS Post-processor

2014. August 26.

Siemens released the beta version of the NX CMM MCOSMOS post-processor for Mitutoyo coordinate measurement machines. The MCOSMOS postprocessor is a direct interface between NX CMM and the controller of the Mitutoyo coordinate measurement machines. The high-level compatibility allows you to use Mitutotoyo specific inspection plans and spend less time with the interface configuration.
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Dimansional Planning and Validation – Reporting

2014. July 30. Categories: Demo category Tags: reporting

Reporting in DPV is a powerful tool to create standardized PDF reports of production measurement data. Over the standard functionality of DPV about collecting, managing and analyzing production data, the reporting feature can be very important: the standardized reporting can enable all decision makers to quickly understand the quality measurement information.

The video shows the process, how to create the report.
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