A unique end-to-end quality management solution built on an enterprise-scalable foundation for delivering quality information across your product lifecycle.


Siemens Quality Management provides the world’s only end-to-end quality management solution for enabling your company to define, analyze, capture and build critical-to-quality features so you can leverage this information across your product lifecycle. The solution also lets you optimize, simulate and validate quality inspection data captured and analyzed in your manufacturing planning and production environments. By supporting your design, manufacturing and production domains, Quality Management enables everyone who needs quality information to get what they want when they need it and in the context that matches their requirements.

VSA- Variation Analysis CMM DPV-Dimensional Planning & Validation

Tolerance analysis

  • Identify critical dimensions
  • Prediction of assembly quality
  • Product and process optimization

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CMM Programming

  • Offline, automatic programming
  • Simulation
  • Data analysis in CAD environment

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Data analysis and reporting

  • Data collection from any device
  • 3D Representation of data
  • Automatic reporting capabitlities

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Issue management

  • Centralized issue management
  • Improve problem resolution times
  • Intuitive user experience

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Three unique capabilities distinguish solution

Variation analysis and quality feature definition (VSA)

Knowing when you can relax tolerances and eliminate expensive machining processes – without sacrificing product quality – is a consistent goal of quality planning. Each time you optimize the balance between these factors, design quality increases and total cost of quality decreases. With Variation Analysis, your design teams can define and analyze all dimensional characteristics in a CAD neutral environment. This provides a highly flexible solution for defining optimal product and manufacturing strategies having a positive impact on total cost of quality. Leveraging product and manufacturing information embedded in the CAD model also provides accuracy and efficiencies for downstream processes.

NX CMM inspection programming and execution (CMM)

By seamlessly sharing and verifying dimensional quality information, your manufacturing engineers are better able to plan for quality. Once this information is verified, it can be used to automatically
define inspection routines for CMM processes on your shop floor. Inspection programming can be reduced up to 80% by using the automatic method of NX CMM. The solution’s NX CMM offline program and inspection capabilities fully support GD&T while enabling the automatic update of inspection features, tolerances and paths based on master model geometry revisions. This approach speeds development time and reduces cost in your production environment.

Production analysis and reporting (DPV)

DPV is a solution for the collection, analysis and management of production quality results on a scalable foundation. Enables you to capture and manage as-built measurement points and plans in a fully associated 3D environment that includes your product, process, resource and plant information. This unique approach lets decision makers and problem solvers at every level access and report on historical information at anytime from anywhere. Access to 3D product models, 3D tooling and other 3D resources helps your teams more quickly understand what is going on and how these factors impact quality.